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About The Roman Way:

We strive to learn about, experience, and share what we can of the lives of both civilians and soldiers. With the goal of creating a self-sustaining network and a community of individuals interested in all aspects of life in Ancient Rome, the members of The Roman Way participate in four types of events:

Public display events are what we call "Educational Theater." We love to share our interests and knowledge about Ancient Rome with the public, and participate in many local festivals and exhibitions. We are available to do programs for museums, schools, homeschool groups, churches, and other community organizations. See our Outreach Menu to learn more about what we can offer your group.

Private events and workshops are not public spectacles. Private events are times for members to learn about and experience what life was like for a 1st century Roman. These are often workshops to learn how to recreate an ancient craft, such as pottery or sandal-making, or an immersive camping trip in full Roman kit.

Private banquets and potlucks are times for members to relax and reward each other's efforts for the year. They often consist of meals prepared using ancient recipes, ancient Roman music, Roman-themed entertainment for kids and adults, and much appreciation for the efforts of others.

Please visit the banquet page for more information.

Monthly Meet-n-Eat takes place at 12:00pm on the second Sunday of every month. This is the best place to introduce yourself to the group, get to know us, and let your opinions be heard. During the summer months, we may meet every other month, or use some meeting times for workshops. Email us for location, directions, or other questions.

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