Modern Viking Culture, Craft, and Combat

We are a diverse group of Viking-Age history enthusiasts focused on the culture of the Hiberno-Norse, the Vikings who first raided and then settled in Ireland in the ninth and tenth centuries. These Vikings played a huge role in Irish history, turning coastal villages into port towns and bringing Ireland onto the European trading scene, leaving a permanent stamp on Irish culture.

Coming from all walks of life, we bring the culture of the Irish Vikings to life through live-steel combat, historic crafts, travel, trade, and brotherhood.

Each of us strives to continually improve our knowledge and skills, in such areas as: the Jomsviking live-steel combat system, blacksmithing, leather work, woodwork, brewing and culinary arts, fiber arts (spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc), story telling, glass beadmaking, and many other skills relevant to Viking history.

In addition to continually growing our knowledge and skills, we take seriously the importance of brotherhood (used in this case to include both women and men.) Therefore, Viking Irish trainings always conclude with a feast in which we eat, drink, and laugh together to celebrate our bonds and the Modern Viking path we walk together.

Vikings Invade the Boston Irish Festival

The 2015 Boston Irish Festival featured a full encampment and two shows a day.

Featured in The Boston Globe

Video and article on front page of the Lifestyle section in Boston’s news institution.

Documentary on Amazon Streaming

Members of the Viking Irish appear in the award-winning documentary To Go Viking


The Viking Irish are affiliated with the international brotherhood of Modern Vikings known as Jomsborg.